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Green Office

We are your service provider all around greenery. The positive effects of plants on human health and inner balance have been proven scientifically and should therefore be an integral part of modern room and work design.

With our experience, we will transform your rooms into green oases of tranquillity and wellness.


Our Offer

We have a broad range of products and services to offer for any type of greenery. These include soil and hydroponic plants, high-quality textile plants and planters made from various materials, all of which will be considered when we create your customised greening concept together with you.

With our own system, we are also the right contact person for you when it comes to future-oriented vertical landscaping both indoors and outdoors.

We offer expert plant care as well as suitable watering systems in order to preserve the value of your greenery.

Permanently green living spaces

We recognized the "vertical landscaping" trend at an early stage and expanded our range of services to "green walls". Today, we offer you this trendsetting form of landscaping, from small, mobile solutions all the way up to large-scale plant covers.

Green Office
Rhein Ruhr

St.-Antonius-Str. 1a
41470 Neuss

Phone +49 21 37 10975-58

Opening hours

Mo – Fr.    08:00 – 18:00 h

Greenery for indoors & outdoors

Hydroponic plants

Soil plants

Textile plants


Vertical greeningVertical greening

Roof greening


Landscape development

Water gardens

Plant care

Our Projects

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